7 June 2024

The MEloDIZER Project has completed its first review meeting. The meeting was held with the presence of our project partners and the Officer, who expressed satisfaction with the ongoing activities and progress of the project.

The MEloDIZER Project, funded by the European Union, aims to develop and implement advanced membrane distillation technologies for sustainable water treatment. The project focuses on creating high-performance membranes and modules that utilize renewable energy sources, such as waste heat and solar energy, to address the growing demand for potable water and wastewater treatment.

During the review meeting, the consortium presented detailed reports on the work packages, highlighting key achievements and milestones reached over the past months.

The Officer commended the consortium for their dedication and collaborative efforts, which have significantly contributed to the project’s success. The positive feedback motivates us to continue working diligently to achieve our goals.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our partners for their hard work and commitment. Together, we are making significant strides in advancing membrane distillation technology and promoting sustainable water treatment solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates on the MEloDIZER Project as we continue to innovate and drive forward with our mission.